• Veliki kozjak and Lubenovac

    from Hajdučki Kukovi
  • Krupa Canyon

    below Ravni Golubić
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Destination: Krupa, Krnjeza, Tulove Grede

Starting points:  Golubić, Majstorska Cesta (Master's Road - Sveti Rok - Obrovac)

Difficulty: From easy signed trail to technically medium difficult details (ferrata in Krupa canyon, some climbing skills required in Tulove Grede and Krnjeza Canyon)

Tagline: 18th "Velebit" in a row. These time we did it all, we were at the both rivers sources, all group passed ferrata and the most are climbed Tulove Grede peak. The especially interesting was Krnjeza canyon, the river with a lot of contrasts: its canyon is deep as half of its length, the shortest in HR (700 m), deep source (the 106 m deep lake, deep canyon (300 m) and goat's trail with real goat at the most difficult part of the trail.

Destination: Sveto Brdo (1751 m)

Distance and duration (one direction): 4,5 h, 11 km Trail type: Signed hiking trail 

Starting and ending point: the branch about 600 m before Mali Halan pass from mainland side at the road Sveti Rok - Alan - Obrovac

Difficulty: Difficult (due winter conditions and heavy backpacks)

Tagline: Nice trip with nice weather even without planned winter hiking training.

Destination: Badanj, Krupa

Starting point:  Planinarski dom Prpa (935 m)

Difficulty: Easy signed trail

Description: 15th Velebit in a row... despite the storm, the strongest bora in the last 12 years, we dared to experience that on Basača and visit Badanj, even in the rain, what was enough to get wet to the pants and stiff from the cold. Luckily, we have warmed up by the fire and the central heating. Tomorrow we  visited Krupa downstream from Kuda's bridge and even swam in it.

Destination: Mt. lodge Zavižan (1594 m) 

Duration/Length (in one direction): 6 h, 16 km

Difficulty: Difficult (because of winter conditions)

Starting and Ending point: Mt. hut Alan (1340 m)

Tagline: The trip is junction of cancelled HPD Zrin's Winter trip to Zavižan with traditional Silvester's ascent to Zavižan that is organized by HPD Sisak. Despite of official 3 cm of snow only, the major part of the part was covered by snow and ice and together with nice weather the very nice winter trip was happened.

Route: Mt. Lodge Zavižan - Ciganište - Mt Hut Alan - Premužić Mountain Trail - Mt. Lodge Zavižan

Starting and destination point: Mt. Lodge Zavižan (1594 m)

Duration: two days ( 9 + 7 hours of walking)

Difficulty: Medium difficult marked trail (see the notes and altitude profile)

Tagline: The HPD Zrin Summer Camp 2015 main trip. Very nice trip despite of the giving up of a few hikers including the guide, extreme hotness for this region and a demanding trail. Probably the best moment of the trip was the welcome in the form of the cold beer, brought by our colleagues at the end of the route, after 12 hours of walking