• Veliki kozjak and Lubenovac

    from Hajdučki Kukovi
  • Krupa Canyon

    below Ravni Golubić
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Destination: Petrova Gora,  the summit Veliki Petrovac (507 m)

Starting and ending point: Hunter's house Muljava (245 m)

Duration: about 3 h of walking

Difficulty: Easy signed trail.

Altitude difference: 260 m

Tagline: A small mountain with  big history, a lonely peak (it means - nice view from the top) and 37 m high monument.

The route:

  • Hunters' House Muljava - Educational trail - V. Petrovac - Hunters' House Muljava: 2,5 h of walking
  • Option: The Kings Grave, 30 min from V. Petrovac

          The trail goes to the monument via green route of "Hiking Trail Petrova gora" (Planinarska Obilaznica Petrova gora). The first part of the trail is using old Roman road arranged as an educational trail.

  • The trail is well signed and easy for orientation.
  • From the Hunters House, after small bridge, we are going via old Roma road upwards through forest. After while, the trail connects other trail that leads to the summit V. Petrovac.
  • From the monument on the summit, the trails goes via the road and its signed shortcuts.


GPS data


  • Hunters' house Muljava  is accessible from Vojnić  by asphalted road or from Biljeg (from the branch of the road Gvozd - Vojnić, at buffet Biljeg) via partially asphalted road (3 km non-asphalted).
  • Veliki Petrovac ( and the monument) is accessible by car from  Hunter's House, too.
  • In lreferences there are other approaches descriptions.

Convenient Seasons

  • All year


Hiking trails:

Eqipment needed:

  • Standard equipment for low mountains, easy trails


  • The monument is devasted and visiting it requires attention.
  • The trail is well described in the guide "Planinarska Obilaznica Petrova gora" It can be bought at the Hunters' House Muljava.

Other points of interests:

  • King's Grave (Kraljev Grob) - 20 min of walking from V. Petrovac
  • Monastery ruins
  • Ruins of Partizan0s' military hospital from the 2nd WW
  • Topusko Spa (15 km from Gvozd toward Glina)